Kilifi Township Secondary School



Monday to Friday

The days begin at 4.45 a.m with personal preparation and morning prep up to 6.15 a.m
                 6.15 a.m -6.45a.m breakfast is served
                 6.45a.m -6.55a.m cleaning
                 7.00a.m -8.00 a.m remedial/revision
                 8.00a.m -4.15p.m classes
                 4.20p.m -5.45 p.m games/clubs/G&C
                 5.45pm 6.55pm supper
                 7.00p.m -10.00p.m evening preps
Saturday   6.30 a.m -7.00 a.m breakfast
                 7.30 a.m -8.55 a.m cleaning
                 9.00am -12.30p.m classes
                12.30 p.m -2.00 p.m lunch

Sunday      8.30a.m -11.45a.m Sunday services
                12.30 p.m -2.00 p.m lunch
                 2.00 p.m -4.00 p.m     -personal cleanliness
                                                    -guest speakers (if any)
                 4.00p.m -5.45p.m games
                 5.45 p.m -7.00 p.m supper
                 7.00 p.m- 9.30 p.m preps

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